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Digital Item Policy

**1. Introduction**:


Welcome to the CB Hoyo E-store, a platform that prides itself on offering a diverse range of digital products to its valued clientele. In today's digital age, the acquisition and use of digital products have become an integral part of our daily lives, be it for entertainment, education, or professional purposes. Understanding the unique nature of digital transactions and the paramount importance of safeguarding the interests of both buyers and sellers, we've established this Digital Item Policy. 


This policy aims to:


- Define what constitutes a digital item on our platform.

- Clarify the terms and conditions associated with purchasing, accessing, and using these digital products.

- Provide guidance on licensing, returns, technical issues, and other pertinent topics related to our digital offerings.

- Emphasize our commitment to upholding international copyright standards and ensuring the intellectual property rights of our content creators are respected and protected.


We believe in transparency and urge all our users, whether you're a first-time visitor or a long-term customer, to familiarize yourself with this policy. This will ensure a clear understanding of what to expect when purchasing and using digital items from CB Hoyo E-store, thus guaranteeing a smooth, hassle-free experience for all parties involved.


**2. Definition of Digital Items**:


In our modern digital landscape, the line between physical and digital products has become ever more distinct. For clarity and ease of understanding, we provide a comprehensive definition of the term "digital items" as used within the CB Hoyo E-store:


Digital items, sometimes also referred to as "digital products" or "digital goods," denote any form of content that is electronically produced, delivered, and stored. Unlike tangible products, digital items exist only in a digital format, meaning they are not physical entities that you can touch or handle. Instead, they are accessed electronically, either through downloading or streaming.


Examples of digital items available on CB Hoyo E-store include, but are not limited to:


- **E-books**: Digital versions of books that can be read on computers, e-readers, or other electronic devices.


- **Digital Artwork**: Art pieces created and shared electronically, ranging from digital paintings to graphic designs.


- **Software**: Programs or applications that can be executed on a computer or mobile device for specific functions or tasks.


- **Music Files**: Digital audio tracks or albums that can be played on various electronic devices.


- **Videos**: Digital recordings that can be streamed or downloaded for playback.


- **Online Services**: These may include access to online courses, tutorials, webinars, or other digital experiences that don't necessarily result in a downloadable product but offer value in a digital format.


Each digital item comes with its specific terms of use, licensing agreement, and restrictions, which are detailed further in this policy. Before making any purchase, we encourage customers to review these terms thoroughly to ensure they align with their intended use of the product.


**3. Purchase & Delivery**:


Navigating the realm of digital purchases might be slightly different than what most are used to with traditional tangible goods. Here’s what you should know about purchasing and receiving digital items from CB Hoyo E-store:


a. **Purchasing Process**: 


- **Selection**: Browse our expansive range of digital products and select the ones that cater to your interests or needs.


- **Checkout**: Once you've chosen your desired digital items, proceed to the checkout page. Ensure you have provided accurate details to avoid any complications during the delivery process.


- **Payment**: Payment for digital items can be made via our secured third-party payment gateways, such as PayPal and Stripe. Confirm the total amount before finalizing the purchase.


b. **Instant Access**:


Digital items offer the distinct advantage of near-instant access post-purchase. Once your payment is confirmed, there will typically be no prolonged waiting period as with physical shipments.


c. **Delivery Methods**:


- **Download Link**: For downloadable products like e-books, software, or digital artwork, a unique download link will be provided, either on the confirmation page post-purchase or sent to your registered email address. This link is typically valid for a set duration, so ensure to download your item within that timeframe.


- **Streaming Access**: For digital content designed for streaming, such as online courses or certain video content, you'll be granted immediate access on our platform, or you might receive credentials via email to access the content on a third-party site.


- **License Key**: Some software or specialized content may require a license key for activation. This key will be provided to you either on the confirmation page or via email.


d. **Issues with Delivery**:


Should you encounter any issues, such as not receiving your download link, facing difficulties in accessing streamed content, or any other delivery-related problems, please reach out to us immediately. Our dedicated support team is always on standby to assist and resolve any concerns.


e. **Backup Responsibility**:


Once you've successfully downloaded your digital item, we recommend creating a backup copy. While we strive for seamless user experiences, we cannot guarantee indefinite access to download links. Taking the initiative to back up your purchases ensures that you can access them whenever you wish in the future.


**4. Licensing and Usage**:


The beauty of digital items lies in their versatility and ease of distribution. However, with this convenience comes the responsibility of adhering to licensing agreements and understanding usage rights. Here's what you need to know:


a. **Types of Licenses**:


- **Standard License**: This is the most common license for individual users. It allows the purchaser to use the digital item for personal or non-commercial purposes. You may use the item for yourself but are not permitted to distribute, resell, or modify the product for resale.


- **Commercial License**: For businesses or professionals intending to profit from the digital item, a commercial license might be required. This allows broader use, potentially including reproduction, distribution, or incorporation into a larger project, but always within the bounds of the specific license's stipulations.


- **Exclusive License**: Some digital items may be sold with an exclusive license, meaning the purchaser gains unique rights to the item, and it will not be sold to others post-purchase.


b. **Usage Restrictions**:


- **Modification**: Unless explicitly stated, digital items should not be altered, modified, or used to create derivative works.


- **Distribution**: Purchased digital items are meant for the buyer's use only. Redistribution, reselling, or sharing without appropriate licensing is strictly prohibited.


- **Duration**: Some licenses might come with a time-bound usage, post which you would need to renew the license or cease usage.


c. **License Transfer**:


Unless expressly provided in the purchase agreement, licenses are non-transferable. This means you cannot transfer your rights to another individual or entity.


d. **Violation of Licensing Terms**:


Failure to adhere to the licensing terms can result in penalties, revocation of access to the digital item, and potential legal action. We urge all our customers to carefully review the license associated with each digital item they purchase and ensure full compliance.


e. **Clarifications**:


If you're unsure about the type of license you need or have questions about the extent of permissible use, always reach out to us before making a purchase. We're here to help and ensure you have the right product with the right permissions for your intended use.


**5. Refunds & Returns**:


Navigating the landscape of digital item refunds and returns can be different from physical goods. Digital items, due to their nature, cannot be "returned" in the traditional sense. Therefore, we've set out a comprehensive policy to address concerns and provide clarity:


a. **General Policy**:


- **No Automatic Returns**: Given the intangible nature of digital products, they can't be physically returned or exchanged. Therefore, all sales are generally considered final.


b. **Valid Grounds for Refunds**:


While we generally don't offer returns or exchanges on digital items, we understand that exceptional situations can arise. Here are valid grounds upon which a refund might be considered:


- **Technical Issues**: If you face technical difficulties in downloading or accessing your purchased item and we're unable to resolve the issue.


- **Item Not As Described**: If the digital item you receive substantially differs from the product description on our website.


c. **Exclusions**:


- **Change of Mind**: We typically do not process refunds simply because a customer has changed their mind after purchasing.


- **Failed Expectations**: If the product doesn't meet personal levels of expectation or satisfaction, but is still as described on our site, it's generally not considered a valid reason for a refund.


d. **Process for Requesting Refunds**:


If you believe you have a valid reason for a refund:


1. Reach out to our support team via the contact details provided.

2. Provide clear reasons for your refund request, and if possible, any evidence or explanations that might support your claim.

3. Once received, our team will review your request and typically respond within a set number of business days, either approving or declining the refund.


e. **Refund Method**:


Approved refunds will typically be processed using the original payment method. Please note that while we might initiate the refund immediately, there might be processing delays depending on your bank or payment provider.


f. **Timeframe**:


Refund requests should generally be made within a set period from the purchase date (e.g., within 14 days). Requests made after this period might not be considered.


**6. Technical Issues**:


Digital products, while convenient and versatile, can sometimes present technical challenges. At CB Hoyo E-store, we prioritize providing a seamless experience for our users. Here’s how we address and handle technical issues:


a. **Download and Access Troubles**:


- **Incomplete Downloads**: If your download is interrupted or appears incomplete, please try to re-download the file. Ensure you have a stable internet connection while doing so.


- **Corrupted Files**: If the downloaded file appears to be corrupted, please delete the file and attempt to download it again. If the issue persists, contact our support team.


b. **Compatibility Concerns**:


- **Software Compatibility**: Digital items may have software or version requirements. Please check the product description for compatibility details before purchasing. If you encounter unexpected compatibility issues, reach out to us.


- **Device Compatibility**: While we strive to ensure our digital products are accessible across various devices, there might be some limitations. Always check the product description or contact us if unsure.


c. **Expired Links**:


Some digital items might be accessed via links that have an expiration date. If your link has expired and you haven’t been able to download the product, get in touch with our customer support.


d. **Assistance and Troubleshooting**:


If you're facing technical difficulties, follow these steps:


1. Consult any provided FAQs or troubleshooting guides that came with the product.

2. Ensure that you're following all installation or setup instructions accurately.

3. If the issue persists, contact our support team with a detailed description of the problem, screenshots, and any other relevant information.


e. **Updates and Patches**:


From time to time, we may release updates or patches for our digital items to address bugs or compatibility issues. We encourage customers to regularly check the product page or their account for such updates.


f. **Reporting Technical Glitches**:


If you discover a technical glitch or issue that isn’t covered in our materials, please inform us. This not only helps you but aids in improving the experience for all our customers.


g. **Resolution Commitment**:


We're committed to ensuring that you can enjoy your purchased digital items without hindrance. If we're unable to resolve a technical issue, we'll consider providing a suitable solution, which might include a replacement, store credit, or refund, as per our Refunds & Returns policy.


**7. Updates & Revisions**:


Digital products evolve over time, either due to advancements in technology, user feedback, or enhancements by the creators. To ensure our users receive the best versions of our products, we've laid out the following policies regarding updates and revisions:


a. **Notification of Updates**:


- **Active Communication**: Whenever significant updates or revisions are made to a digital item you’ve purchased, we will strive to notify you through your provided email address or through in-app or on-site notifications.


- **Check Product Page**: The product’s page on our website will always host the most current version and will list a changelog or update history if available.


b. **Access to Updates**:


- **Free Updates**: As a purchaser of our digital items, you will receive access to any minor or major updates to that product at no additional cost, unless explicitly stated otherwise.


- **Duration of Update Availability**: While we ensure most products get regular updates, the duration for which free updates are available might vary. Some products might have lifetime updates, while others might have updates for a set period post-purchase.


c. **Major vs. Minor Updates**:


- **Minor Updates**: Typically include bug fixes, minor enhancements, or compatibility improvements. These will always be free for existing users.


- **Major Updates**: Significant additions of features or complete overhauls of the digital item. While we aim to provide these for free, in certain cases, there may be a fee for such updates.


d. **Legacy Versions**:


For some digital items, after a significant update, the older version might still be available for download for those who prefer it. However, legacy versions may not receive further updates or support.


e. **Feedback & Suggestions**:


Your feedback is invaluable to the evolution of our digital products. If you have suggestions, ideas for improvements, or have identified bugs, we encourage you to contact our support team.


f. **Discontinuation of Products**:


On rare occasions, certain digital items might be discontinued. If a product you've purchased is discontinued, you will still retain access to your purchased version but might not receive future updates or support.


**8. Backup Responsibility**:


Digital items, once purchased and downloaded, reside on your device or storage medium. The CB Hoyo E-store emphasizes the importance of maintaining backups of your purchased digital items. Here’s our stance on backups and the responsibilities that come with them:


a. **User Responsibility**:


- **Backup Regularly**: Customers are strongly advised to backup their downloaded items immediately upon purchase and after every significant update. This ensures you have access to your purchased items even in unforeseen circumstances like device malfunctions or data loss.


- **Multiple Devices**: If you use multiple devices or have a system of cloud backup, ensure that the digital item is backed up on all of them, if appropriate.


b. **E-store's Role**:


- **Redownload**: While we strive to allow users to redownload their purchased items from their account, it's essential to note that the availability might be time-limited or subject to changes in our inventory. Therefore, relying solely on redownloading from the e-store is not recommended.


- **Guidance**: If you’re unsure about how to back up your purchased digital item, our support team can guide you on best practices but cannot directly assist in the backup process.


c. **Loss of Data**:


In the event of loss of data due to issues like device malfunctions, viruses, or accidental deletions, it is the user's responsibility to restore the data from their backups. The CB Hoyo E-store is not liable for any losses or inconveniences arising due to a failure to back up.


d. **Third-Party Backup Services**:


If you opt to use third-party backup or cloud storage services, be sure to familiarize yourself with their terms of service, especially about data integrity and security. The CB Hoyo E-store is not responsible for any issues arising from the use of these third-party services.


e. **Backup Integrity**:


Ensure that your backups are complete and tested occasionally. A backup is only as good as its ability to restore and work effectively.


f. **Storage Recommendations**:


While backing up, choose reliable storage mediums like external hard drives, high-quality USB drives, or reputable cloud storage providers. This adds an extra layer of assurance that your digital items are safe.


**9. Security & Piracy**:


The security of digital items is a top priority at the CB Hoyo E-store. We also emphasize the need to combat unauthorized sharing and piracy, which can undermine the hard work of creators and negatively impact the broader digital marketplace. Here's how we address these issues:


a. **Digital Rights Management (DRM)**:


- **Protection Measures**: Some of our digital items might incorporate DRM or similar protection mechanisms to prevent unauthorized use or duplication.


- **Limitations**: While DRM helps in securing content, it might impose certain limitations, like restrictions on the number of devices on which the item can be accessed. We will always inform customers of such limitations prior to purchase.


b. **Unauthorized Sharing & Distribution**:


- **Strictly Prohibited**: Distributing, sharing, or selling purchased digital items to others without explicit permission is strictly prohibited.


- **Account Penalties**: Engaging in unauthorized sharing or distribution can result in penalties, including account suspension or termination.


c. **Monitoring & Detection**:


While we respect user privacy, we employ certain mechanisms to detect and prevent piracy. This includes watermarks, unique identifiers, or tracking mechanisms embedded in the digital content.


d. **Reporting Piracy**:


- **Community Vigilance**: We encourage our community and users to report any instances where they encounter our products being distributed unlawfully or without proper licenses. 


- **Rewards**: In certain cases, we might offer rewards or incentives for significant piracy reports that lead to corrective actions.


e. **Personal Responsibility**:


Ensure that your access credentials (like passwords) are kept secure and not shared with others. This not only protects your purchases but also prevents unintentional distribution.


f. **Updates & Security Patches**:


To ensure the highest level of security, always download the latest versions or patches of digital items when available. Older versions might be more susceptible to vulnerabilities.


g. **Legal Actions**:


In cases of significant piracy or repeated offenses, CB Hoyo E-store reserves the right to take legal action against individuals or entities involved.


**10. Compatibility**:


One of the challenges with digital items is ensuring they function correctly across a diverse range of devices, platforms, and software versions. At the CB Hoyo E-store, we aim to make our digital offerings as universally compatible as possible. Here's our stance on compatibility and what customers can expect:


a. **System Requirements**:


- **Listed Specifications**: Every digital item listed on our e-store will have its specific system requirements detailed on its product page. This could include the necessary software version, operating system, hardware specifications, and other relevant details.


- **Customer Responsibility**: Before making a purchase, customers are advised to review these requirements carefully and ensure their device or system is compatible. Purchases made without checking compatibility might not be eligible for a refund.


b. **Software Updates**:


- **Potential Issues**: Sometimes, software updates (be it an operating system or a specific software the digital item depends upon) can introduce compatibility issues.


- **Our Commitment**: While we strive to update our digital items to ensure ongoing compatibility with popular platforms and software, there may be a lag between a new software release and our corresponding update.


c. **Platform-Specific Versions**:


For certain digital items, we might offer different versions tailored for specific platforms or software. Customers should ensure they select and download the correct version for their needs.


d. **Cross-Platform Compatibility**:


While some of our digital items might work across multiple platforms (like Windows, Mac, or mobile devices), others might be platform-specific. Always refer to the product's description for clarity.


e. **Assistance & Troubleshooting**:


If you encounter compatibility issues after purchase:


- **First Steps**: Refer to any provided troubleshooting guides or FAQs associated with the digital item. Often, common issues can be resolved with simple steps.


- **Customer Support**: If problems persist, reach out to our customer support team. While we can't guarantee a solution for every unique setup, we will do our best to assist.


f. **Feedback & Reviews**:


We encourage users to provide feedback on compatibility issues they encounter. Such feedback not only helps us improve but also guides other users who might be considering a purchase.


**11. Copyright**:


Copyright is a critical aspect of digital goods. It protects the intellectual property of creators, ensuring they get due credit and compensation for their work. At the CB Hoyo E-store, we take copyright matters very seriously. Here's how we approach copyright issues for our digital offerings:


a. **Ownership of Rights**:


- **Original Creators**: All rights to digital items available on the CB Hoyo E-store belong to the original creators or to Amaarte Consultores SRL, unless otherwise stated. 


- **No Transfer of Ownership**: Purchasing a digital item grants the buyer a license to use that item under certain conditions, but it does not transfer ownership of the item or its underlying intellectual property rights.


b. **Licensing**:


- **License Details**: Each digital item comes with its specific license detailing how it can be used. It might restrict commercial use, modification, or distribution.


- **Adherence to License**: Buyers are required to adhere strictly to the terms of the license. Violating these terms can result in penalties, including account suspension, revocation of the license, and legal actions.


c. **Unauthorized Use & Distribution**:


- **Strict Prohibition**: Reproducing, distributing, selling, or using digital items in unauthorized ways is strictly prohibited and constitutes a violation of copyright law.


- **Reporting Infringements**: If you encounter our digital goods being misused, or if you come across unauthorized copies, please report them to us immediately. We take such reports very seriously and will take appropriate action.


d. **Content Creation**:


If you use our digital items in your own creations (like designs, artworks, videos, etc.), always ensure you have the right license and give appropriate credit if required by the license.


e. **Legal Actions**:


Violations of copyright, such as unauthorized distribution, reproduction, or other misuse of our digital goods, can result in legal actions. We reserve the right to pursue all available remedies under the law to protect our and our creators' rights.


f. **Respecting Others' Rights**:


Just as we protect the rights of our creators, we expect our users to respect the rights of others. Always ensure you have the proper permissions or licenses when using third-party content along with our digital goods.


Certainly! Here's an expanded "Contact" section for your e-store's Digital Item Policy:




**12. Contact**:


Open communication is crucial, especially when dealing with digital goods. Whether you have questions, concerns, feedback, or need assistance with our digital items, the CB Hoyo E-store is here to support you. Here's how you can get in touch with us:


a. **Customer Support**:


- **Email Assistance**: For any queries, technical issues, or licensing questions regarding digital items, you can reach out to our dedicated support team at We aim to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours.


- **Support Hours**: Our customer support operates from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM (Dominican Republic time). Inquiries received outside of these hours will be addressed the next business day.


b. **Feedback & Suggestions**:


- **Valued Input**: We value your input on improving our digital offerings and user experience. Please email us with any suggestions or feedback.


- **Product Reviews**: Sharing your experiences with our digital items can help us improve and assist other customers. Consider leaving a review on the product page after your purchase.


c. **Report Issues**:


If you come across any inconsistencies, bugs, or unauthorized distribution of our digital items, please report them immediately. We take such reports very seriously and will act swiftly.

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