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Privacy Policy

**1. Introduction**:


   a. **Purpose**: Welcome to the CB Hoyo e-store. Amaarte Consultores SRL ("we", "our", or "us") operates the CB Hoyo mobile application and the website. This Privacy Policy is designed to inform you, our valued user, about the types of information we may gather, how we use it, and the measures we take to protect it.


   b. **Commitment**: Protecting the privacy and security of your personal data is of paramount importance to us. We are committed to transparency in our operations and handling of your data.


   c. **Scope**: This policy covers all interactions between you and our platforms, whether you're just browsing, making a purchase, or engaging with any other features. We encourage you to read this policy in its entirety to understand our practices.


   d. **Consent**: By accessing or using our platforms, you consent to the collection, use, and sharing of your personal information as described in this policy. If you do not agree with these practices, please refrain from using our platforms.


   e. **User Rights**: As our user, you have certain rights concerning your personal data. This policy aims to make you aware of these rights and provide avenues for you to exercise them.


**2. Collection of Information**:


**a. Personal Data**:


   i. **Registration Details**: 

      - **Username**: Users may be asked to create a unique username or identifier to personalize their experience on our platforms.

      - **Full Name**: We collect your first and last name to ensure personalized communication, address you correctly in correspondence, and facilitate order processing.

      - **Email Address**: Your email is essential for account creation, order confirmations, customer support, and, if opted in, for our newsletters or promotional communications.

      - **Password**: Passwords are required for account security. We use strong encryption to protect your password and never access or view it directly.


   ii. **Purchase Information**: 

      - **Shipping Address**: Needed to ensure the timely and accurate delivery of purchased tangible products.

      - **Billing Address**: Necessary for processing payments and validating transactions.

      - **Contact Number**: This can be used for any urgent communications related to your orders or to verify your identity.


   iii. **Profile Preferences**: 

      - **User Preferences**: Over time, users may set preferences related to their account, product preferences, or other customization options to improve their shopping experience.

      - **Profile Picture**: Users might have the option to upload a profile picture, which can enhance user interactions on community features or reviews if available.

      - **Order History**: Keeping track of your past orders helps us understand your preferences and can speed up future transactions.


   iv. **Customer Service Interactions**:

      - **Feedback and Reviews**: If users provide feedback about products or write reviews, this data is stored to improve our offerings and provide insights to other users.

      - **Support Tickets**: When users face issues or have inquiries and reach out to our customer service, these interactions are logged to monitor quality and enhance user satisfaction.

      - **Surveys and Polls**: Occasionally, we might ask users for their opinions on our services, products, or other topics relevant to our business. Participating in these is usually voluntary.


   v. **Optional Information**: 

      - **Date of Birth**: This can be used to verify age, as our platform is meant for users 18 or under parental supervision. It can also be used to send birthday offers or greetings.

      - **Gender, Occupation, Interests**: Some platforms gather this to tailor recommendations or promotions to specific user demographics. Participation in providing this data is generally optional.


   b. **Transactional Data**:

      - **Payment Information**: While processing purchases, we collect information associated with your payment methods. It's important to note that while we may gather data like the last four digits of your credit card, the card's expiration date, and the billing address, we utilize third-party payment processors. This means sensitive payment information, like full credit card numbers, is never stored on our servers.

      - **Order History**: We keep track of products and services you've purchased, the date of purchase, and any related communications or preferences.


   c. **Usage Data**:

      - **Activity Logs**: We automatically log information concerning how you interact with our platforms, which may include pages viewed, time spent on pages, links clicked, searches made, and other behavioral data.

      - **Device Information**: We may collect data about the device you use to access our platforms, such as the device type, operating system, browser type, IP address, and other relevant metrics. This helps us optimize your experience.

      - **Cookies**: Our platforms may use cookies and similar tracking technologies to enhance user experience, remember preferences, and gather analytics data. You can manage cookies through your browser settings.


   d. **Third-party Information**:

      - **Providers' Data**: When you purchase third-party products or services through our platforms, we may receive certain data about you from these providers, which assists in order fulfillment and service delivery.

      - **Referrals**: If you've been referred to our platforms through a friend or a promotional link, we may receive data about you, like your email address, to facilitate offers or bonuses linked to the referral.


**3. Use of Information**:


   a. **Account Maintenance and Support**:

      - **Account Creation**: We use your details, such as email address and password, to facilitate the creation of and secure your account on our platforms.

      - **User Support**: Personal information, especially contact details and recent activity, allows us to provide tailored support, answer queries, and address concerns promptly.

      - **Account Updates**: Periodically, we might use the email address provided to send important account-related information, like changes to our policies or updates to our platform.


   b. **Order Processing and Fulfillment**:

      - **Order Management**: Information like your purchase history, shipping, and billing address helps us manage and process your orders accurately.

      - **Payment Verification**: Personal data aids in the verification of payment transactions to prevent fraudulent activities and ensure smooth financial transactions.

      - **Communication**: Your contact details enable us to communicate order confirmations, shipping details, and any potential issues or updates regarding your orders.


   c. **Personalized User Experience**:

      - **Product Recommendations**: By analyzing your purchase history, browsing behavior, and preferences, we can recommend products or services that align with your interests.

      - **Site Optimization**: Usage data allows us to optimize our platform's layout, content, and functionality according to user preferences and behavior.

      - **Preference Storage**: Storing your profile preferences ensures a tailored and efficient shopping experience each time you visit.


   d. **Marketing and Promotion**:

      - **Newsletters**: If you opt in, your email address is used to send periodic newsletters with updates, promotions, and other relevant news about our platform.

      - **Targeted Advertising**: We might use collected data to provide you with advertisements or promotional content tailored to your interests. Note: Users can opt out of targeted advertising.

      - **Feedback Analysis**: User reviews, feedback, and survey responses help us understand market trends, improve product offerings, and enhance overall service quality.


   e. **Security and Fraud Prevention**:

      - **Monitoring**: Activity logs help us monitor for suspicious activities or potential threats, ensuring the safety of our users and the integrity of our platform.

      - **Verification**: Personal details might be used to verify user identity in cases of account recovery or to prevent unauthorized account access.

      - **Protection**: Data is crucial in implementing security measures, ensuring our platform remains a trusted environment for our users.


   f. **Legal and Compliance Uses**:

      - **Regulatory Requirements**: We might use and retain personal information to comply with legal, tax, or regulatory requirements.

      - **Dispute Resolution**: In cases of disputes, personal data can provide context, verify claims, or be used in resolution procedures.

      - **Policy Enforcement**: Information is vital for the enforcement of our terms, conditions, and policies, ensuring that users adhere to the guidelines set.


**4. Sharing & Disclosing Information**:


   a. **Third-Party Service Providers**:

      - **Payment Processors**: To process payments, we partner with third-party payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe. While processing transactions, certain information might be shared with these entities to facilitate the transaction.

      - **Order Fulfillment**: For the delivery of tangible products, we may work with third-party logistics and courier services, necessitating the sharing of details like your shipping address and contact number.

      - **IT Support**: We may employ third-party companies to assist with IT infrastructure, web hosting, and data management. These companies could potentially have access to user data as part of their service provision, though they are contractually obligated not to disclose or use it for other purposes.


   b. **Marketing and Analytics Partners**:

      - **Analysis**: We may collaborate with third-party analytics providers to understand website and app usage, optimize user experience, and tailor marketing efforts. Such partners might have access to aggregated, non-identifying data.

      - **Marketing Campaigns**: Partnering with third-party marketing firms can involve sharing specific user data, ensuring that promotional efforts are more effective and relevant.


   c. **Legal and Regulatory Bodies**:

      - **Regulatory Compliance**: We may disclose user information if required by law, regulatory bodies, or in response to legal processes like court orders or subpoenas.

      - **Protecting Rights**: In cases where disclosing information is vital to protect our rights, users' safety, or the integrity of our platform, such actions might be taken.


   d. **Business Transactions**:

      - **Mergers & Acquisitions**: In scenarios where our company is involved in mergers, acquisitions, or asset sales, user data might be transferred as a business asset. Affected users would be notified in such an event.

      - **Affiliates and Subsidiaries**: We may share data with our affiliated companies or subsidiaries for business and operational purposes.


   e. **User Consent**:

      - **Voluntary Sharing**: In some cases, users might voluntarily choose to share personal data, for instance, when referring friends or when engaging in promotional activities.

      - **Public Profiles**: If our platforms offer public profiles or user reviews, any information users choose to disclose on these profiles could be publicly accessible.


   f. **Protective Measures**:

      - **Anonymization**: When sharing data for analysis or other non-personal purposes, we aim to share data in an anonymized or aggregated form to protect user identity.

      - **Contractual Clauses**: When partnering with third-party providers or affiliates, we ensure that contractual clauses are in place, obliging them to protect user data and refrain from using it for unauthorized purposes.


**5. Third-party Links**:


   a. **External Websites**:

      - **Navigation**: Our website and mobile application might contain links to external websites, platforms, or services. These links are provided for convenience or informational purposes and do not signify an endorsement of those external sites or their content.

      - **Independence**: Such third-party sites are independent of Amaarte Consultores SRL, and we do not have any control over their content, terms of service, or privacy policies.

      - **Security Concerns**: We cannot guarantee, represent, or warrant the accuracy or the security of information found on third-party websites. Users are urged to exercise caution and review the privacy policy of any website they visit.


   b. **Affiliate Partners**:

      - **No Affiliation**: As previously mentioned, our platform does not utilize affiliate links, meaning we don't receive commissions or incentives for directing traffic to third-party sellers or platforms.

      - **Clear Distinction**: Any links present are for the sake of user convenience, and such links will be clearly distinguished from our own content to avoid any confusion.


   c. **Third-party Products and Services**:

      - **Separate Terms**: While we do offer products or services provided by third-party companies, such offerings have their own terms and conditions and privacy policies, which are distinct from ours.

      - **Disputes**: Any issues, concerns, or disputes arising from the use of a third-party product or service should be directed to the respective third-party provider. Amaarte Consultores SRL is not responsible for the actions, products, or content of these third parties.


   d. **User Responsibilities**:

      - **Awareness**: Users are encouraged to remain aware when they leave our platform and to read the privacy statements of any other site that collects personal information.

      - **Shared Information**: If users provide personal information on third-party sites (even those linked from our platform), that data is governed by the privacy policy of the third-party site, not ours.


**6. Data Security**:


   a. **Commitment to Security**:

      - **Prioritization**: At Amaarte Consultores SRL, the security of your personal information is of paramount importance. We take measures to ensure your data remains protected from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.

      - **Ongoing Review**: Our team continually reviews and updates our security protocols in light of technological advancements and potential threats.


   b. **Technical Measures**:

      - **Encryption**: Sensitive information, such as login credentials and payment details, are encrypted during transmission using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology or its equivalent.

      - **Firewalls**: We employ firewalls to guard against unauthorized access to our systems.

      - **Access Control**: Only authorized personnel with specific job functions related to maintaining our platforms' integrity have access to user personal data. They are bound by confidentiality agreements.


   c. **Organizational Measures**:

      - **Training**: Our staff undergo regular training to stay updated on data protection measures and to understand the importance of safeguarding user information.

      - **Internal Policies**: We maintain strict internal policies that dictate how and when personal data can be accessed or shared.


   d. **Potential Limitations**:

      - **No Absolute Security**: While we strive for the utmost security, no internet-based platform can promise absolute security. There are inherent risks associated with online data transmission, and we cannot guarantee complete protection against data breaches.

      - **User Responsibility**: Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account passwords and other authentication means. Any suspicious activity should be reported to us immediately.


   e. **Data Breach Procedures**:

      - **Monitoring**: We employ systems to monitor for data breaches continually.

      - **Notification**: In the unlikely event of a security breach where user data is compromised, we will notify affected users as required by applicable laws and regulations. This notification will include details of the breach, potential implications, and the steps we are taking to mitigate its effects.

      - **Remedial Actions**: Prompt action will be taken to address the breach, prevent further unauthorized access, and work with the relevant authorities if needed.


   f. **Third-party Service Providers**:

      - **Vendor Assessment**: Before partnering with third-party vendors, especially those handling user data, we assess their data protection policies and practices.

      - **Obligations**: We ensure that contractual clauses are in place, obliging third-party providers to uphold robust data security standards and to use the information solely for the purposes specified in our agreement.


**7. Age Requirement**:


   a. **Restrictions for Minors**:

      - **Age Limit**: The services provided by our website and mobile application are intended solely for users who are 18 years of age or older, or those under the age of 18 but under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian.

      - **Account Termination**: If we become aware that an account has been created by someone under the age of 18 without direct parental or guardian supervision, we reserve the right to take steps to delete that user's personal data and terminate the account.


   b. **Parental Control and Supervision**:

      - **Awareness**: Parents and guardians are advised to monitor their children's online activities and teach them about safe internet use. This will ensure that minors do not provide personal information without appropriate parental or guardian supervision.

      - **Tools**: Various tools and online parental controls are available that can assist parents in providing a child-friendly online experience. We encourage parents and guardians to explore and utilize these options.


   c. **Notification**:

      - **Accidental Collection**: Should we discover that we have accidentally collected personal information from a minor under the age of 18 without direct parental or guardian supervision, we will take immediate steps to delete that data from our records.

      - **Informed Measures**: If any user or parent/guardian believes that a minor under the age of 18 has provided us with personal information without the necessary supervision, they should notify us at We will take necessary measures upon being informed.


   d. **Consent Requirement**:

      - **Verification**: For users between the ages of 16 to 18, we will take appropriate measures to verify the user's age and seek evidence of parental or guardian supervision before collecting personal data.


**8. Updates to this Policy**:


   a. **Periodic Review**:

      - **Continuous Assessment**: At Amaarte Consultores SRL, we continually assess and update our privacy practices in response to evolving technological, operational, and legal landscapes.

      - **Commitment**: Our commitment is to ensure that our users' personal information remains protected, and our Privacy Policy reflects our current practices and complies with applicable regulations.


   b. **Notification of Changes**:

      - **Modification Date**: The most recent update date of this Privacy Policy will be displayed prominently at the bottom of the page. We encourage users to check this date regularly to stay informed.

      - **Direct Communication**: For significant changes or updates, especially those affecting how we handle or process personal information, we may notify users via email, in-app notifications, or through a highlighted notice on our website and mobile application.


   c. **User Responsibility**:

      - **Review**: It is the user's responsibility to review this Privacy Policy periodically and stay informed about any changes. Continued use of our website and mobile application following the notification of changes will indicate the user's acknowledgment and agreement to the terms of the updated policy.


   d. **Feedback and Concerns**:

      - **Open Dialogue**: We value feedback from our users regarding our Privacy Policy and practices. If users have suggestions or concerns, they can contact us directly.

      - **Immediate Action**: If there are ever concerns about a particular update, we are committed to addressing them promptly, ensuring our users' trust in our platform remains intact.


   e. **Historical Versions**:

      - **Archiving**: For transparency, we may maintain an archive of previous versions of our Privacy Policy. This allows users to review changes over time and understand the evolution of our data practices.


**9. Contact**:


   a. **General Inquiries**:

      - For general questions, concerns, or feedback related to our services, users can reach out to our support team. We are committed to addressing all inquiries in a timely and professional manner.


   b. **Data Privacy Concerns**:

      - If users have specific questions or concerns related to the protection and use of their personal information, or if they wish to exercise any of their rights as outlined in this Privacy Policy, they should direct their queries to our data protection team. 


   c. **Direct Communication Channels**:

      - **Email**: Users can email us anytime at We strive to respond to all emails within a reasonable timeframe.

      - **Physical Address**: For written correspondence, our business address is available upon request. It's essential to mark envelopes with "Attention: Privacy Department" to ensure they are directed to the appropriate team.


   d. **Feedback and Suggestions**:

      - We value feedback from our users regarding our Privacy Policy, services, or any other aspect of our platform. Constructive feedback helps us improve and serve our users better.


   e. **Response Time**:

      - We aim to acknowledge all received inquiries within 48 hours. Depending on the complexity of the question or issue, the resolution might take longer. However, we will always keep users informed about the progress of their inquiries.


   f. **Language of Communication**:

      - While we will endeavor to communicate in the preferred language of the user, please note that our primary language of communication is English. Any translations are provided for convenience, and in the event of any discrepancies, the English version of any communication will prevail.

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